BYOD is changing the way inter-enterprise communication works

Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is a term that modern day enterprises have already begun to embrace for quite some time now. It is a fact that mobility is the key to having a balanced work culture inside an office. Gone are the days when productivity was measured by the hard work an employee does. Today it is the amount of smart work that he does which ultimately counts as productivity for the enterprise.


The golden rules of enterprise mobility goes as Get the work done no matter

  • Where you are
  • How you are
  • What you use

To understand the massive scale of impact that this trend of BYOD has already brought about, just look at a recent survey conducted by ZDNet. The report which amassed information from over 1000 participants had some great results to announce. Nearly 44 percent or even more of organizations allow BYOD based smart work today and a good number totaling over 18 percent is planning to move to BYOD before the end of 2013.

So how exactly does BYOD improve enterprise wide productivity? The logic is simple to understand. When employees get their share of convenience, it automatically results in improved productivity.

There is a lot of difference in working the way you like and working the way your management likes. When you get to chose your device to work on, it will be the best one for you no doubt.

Secondly when you get the environment you want to work like for example once in a while if you get to work from home, then it gives you time to relax as well. After all you no longer have to answer your loved ones to their question of when will they get to see you?

Lastly enterprises too can benefit not just from increased productivity but also from lowered costs due to lesser office space usage, reduced device purchase costs, etc.

With the number of personal mobile devices expected to increase over 10 billion by 2020 according to a recent study, staying connected to your enterprise sure is no big deal anyway.

So when BYOD offers so much in its arsenal, there is no question as to why enterprises are loving it? Keep checking back here for more such fascinating news.