People rarely want to see ads in their devices today

A recent report by Forrester depicts that nearly half of smartphone users do not like in-app marketing messages and advertisements. So can you convince people to read marketing messages? This is a question that will haunt all app developers who develop free apps with the intent of monetizing them with advertisements.

It is rather a whole new dimension as far as several app developers are concerned. The scope of marketing in a mobile app is very complex as compared to traditional PC marketing strategies. Today people do not want advertisements even in their king sized television sets lest their smartphones.

But there is nothing to be disappointed as the same Forrester report we mentioned a little while ago also states that nearly 75 per cent of users do not pay to get the ads removed from the app. While this is a tad disappointing news for advertisers, marketers can take it as a challenging opportunity. Getting the right marketing plans to work will ultimately lead to increased app downloads.


Here are some tips which we think will be of great help for you trying to market in the mobile apposphere:

Do not ruin the user experience

Ensure that when you promote advertisements, they do not obstruct user experiences. Having a neat message that occupies a small portion of the screen will be the most favored type and will likely to get more clicks.

Come up with a catchy message

A simple "click me" message no longer gets any clicks even in websites and you can just imagine the case with mobiles. Try to come up with innovative texts that make people feel that they are not sold but making an intelligent decision to click on ads.

Make it easy to understand

Do not scare of potential visitors with confusing texts or advertising slogans. Keep it short, simple and straight to the point. Brevity is the key in today's marketing mantra.

Do not ask for too much personal data

Advertisements that require users to reveal their personal information are not at all appreciated by users. So stay away from such measures.

Have a good landing page

If at all users want to follow your marketing ads, ensure that they land up in a very appealing destination that makes them want to go deeper and realize the true potential of your advertisements. A boring landing page will most probably irritate users and will ruin your chances of successful marketing.

So in all, though a tough nut to crack, making a presence in the mobile app advertising and marketing industry is a challenge that can be mitigated with the right moves. Keep checking back here for more of such tips guys.