Mobile Advertising is on the rise today

Back in the previous decade, marketers had one major area to focus on as far as advertisements were concerned, i.e. the internet. It virtually put print advertisements on the back foot as people were more interested to see visual ads online than in real time. Besides interactive advertisement campaigns were a million times more flexible in internet when compared to the very limited and hugely expensive real life advertisements that involved such creative concepts.


But as time evolved, the internet too was facing a worthy contender i.e. smartphones. But we cannot say that mobile phones have become a rival for the internet. In fact the internet has a brand new dimension with smartphones becoming a major point of internet access globally. With more people accessing the internet via portable devices as compared to computers, advertisers are fast targeting this medium of customer interaction.

If you want figures to prove this point, then we have got some for you. According to a very recent survey report, revenues from mobile advertisements are to grow to $40 billion by the end of 2018. The study was conducted by Juniper research and this is not the first time that studies have shown the rise of mobile advertisement across the globe. In fact even before the number of portable devices that people use to access the internet, predictions about the future of mobile advertisements were already catching the attention of advertisers.

Compared with the previous year, analysts expect 2013 to bring in close to 19% more revenue from mobile advertisements. With the rate at which mobiles shot into prominence, we even doubt whether the 2018 estimate mentioned above would be achieved way before the calendars actually show 2018. Geographically, even though the US leads the pack in terms of revenue, the future lies not with them but with Asian powers India and China as these nations are poised to become one of the 2 biggest smartphone markets globally.

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