Mobile ERP Application Can Revolutionize Your Business

Across the globe, companies are rapidly shifting towards mobile enterprise model to associate with the ever-increasing number of mobile users and to stay competitive in the digital world. The introduction of Smartphone's, tablets and other handheld devices as well as mobile application development has taken the business world by storm.

ERP application empowers productivity of an enterprise by providing immediate operational access to its employees and partners on the move. Some of the basic questions to ask yourself before implementing ERP on mobile devices are:

 1. What peculiar benefits can mobile ERP system bring to a company?

Mobile ERP applications aid enterprises to adapt rapidly to the fast-paced global market and customer's unstable demands.

2. How does mobile ERP influence employees?

Employees can avail from unimpeded access to necessary information and diverse possibilities ERP application offers both in the company and out of the office.

3. What impact does mobile ERP have on sales & marketing department?

Mobile ERP provides a precious service for sales & marketing department. With ERP software installed on their smartphones, sales staff can be aware of the profitability of a deal and have access to all departments.

4. How does supply chain benefit from mobile ERP solution?

Management team can give prompt alert or instantly warn production employees about running issues or possible troubles. With mobile ERP solution, work force can bring changes to their process immediately.

5. What applications can Mobile ERP offer to manufacturing companies?

Being on the most advanced stage of innovation and technology ERP is inclined to present a broad range of mobile applications such as CRM, Document Control, Maintenance Facilities, Inventory and Storage Management.

6. Is it possible to increase ROI by implementing ERP?

ERP systems are designed for optimizing all business processes to attain organization values. It can be achieved only implementing ERP solutions that match the business.

7. Is there a drastic difference in using ERP application on a mobile device and on a PC?

On mobile, the complete ERP package is separated into small modules and divided into appropriate departments.

8. How to spin mobile ERP capacities to company's best advantage?

In order to achieve maximum results from ERP solution a company needs to make sure that the implemented service corresponds to its business goals.

9. What are the necessary data about a company is required before implementing mobile ERP?

To implement mobile ERP solution to a company, it is important to understand the organization business goals, policy, model and requirements.

10.Why is mobile ERP adoption inevitable today?

Consumers globally are stringent about their needs, so it is important for service providers to give top-notch solutions to their customer demands. In order to stay ahead of the competition companies forced to adapt to the ever-changing technology.

11.What is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)?

BYOD means bring your own device. This phenomenon proves useful and is very common nowadays. To take the advantage of this trend companies forced to advance business by installing ERP systems on mobile devices.

12.Why Mobile ERP is based on cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a virtual model that provides any application on request irrespective of device, place and time. It implies that the internet is used to deliver software as a service (SaaS).

13.Why do I need mobile ERP?

There are many reasons why mobile ERP is important for an organization success:

  • Increase in sales
  • Cost reduction
  • Increase productivity
  • Improved Customer satisfaction
  • Immediate response to customer requests
  • Round-the-clock access to ERP database

The demand for mobile ERP apps is growing instantly because of the immense business advantage, provides unparalleled integration with existing business processes and enables easy access to critical information anywhere anytime.