Mobile Banking is on the rise today When the world starts to accept mobiles as a way of life, then every field of human interaction obviously starts to feel the impact. Be it education or healthcare or retail or any other field, mobile phones have started to carve a niche area for themselves. One major field which is witnessing a slew of growth as far as apps are concerned nowadays is the Banking and Finance sector.


A recent survey report published by Pew Research Center's Pew Internet & American Life project has revealed that in the US alone, 35 percentage of smartphone owners make use of their phones to perform banking. This percentage of mobile banking users represents about 32 percent of the entire adult population in the US. As with online banking, people across the globe are fast accepting the trend of mobile banking.

Well it is not a surprise fact as anyone would want to bank in the most convenient way they want and if they can do it from their palms right from their homes, then who will go in search of an alternative? As such, in the coming years mobile banking will witness maximum growth. Not only US but also Canada, Europe as well as Asian countries are showing an urge for growth in the mobile banking sector. Even China has seen a massive up-rise in the number of folks using mobile banking services.

So why do you think mobile banking is such a hot property today? The following benefits it has to offer to users will probably be an answer to your questions.

  • Bank anywhere, anytime
  • Perform almost all kind of transactions from your phone
  • Save time as you get to access all kind of banking info from your phone anytime
  • Large device support as far as banking apps are concerned
  • Security is not an issue now as apps have become as safe as online banking

A survey done way back in 2009 predicted that by 2014 nearly 45 million people across the globe will be using mobile banking services. It's only nearing the end of 2013 and more than 100 million people use mobile banking services in the US alone. As you can see, the growth in this sector is immense and will continue to be so in the coming years.

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