Why do users delete your app?

If you are a fan of mobile Apps, then you will perhaps understand without statistical proofs, the reason why most apps do not get to see more than a few minutes on majority of devices in which they are installed.

A recent survey report points out that on an average a user eventually deletes 90 per cent of the apps that he downloads. This could include even top apps like the ones for social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So why do you think this happens? The answer is not something we can describe in a few words. It requires a deeper understanding of market intelligence, user behavior, mobility trends and all the jargon that you might have never even heard of. Well don’t worry about it big time as we have made a capsule format which will be easy for you to digest.

So here’s our pick of the top reasons users say as to why they delete apps from their devices

The app is boring

You might have included a very good concept in your app, but might have gone horribly wrong in the design front. How you construct your app over your concept foundation determines the thin line between success and failure in the app industry.

The app is in love with crashes

According to a study report filed by uSamp, 71 per cent of users have responded that they will sort to deleting an app if it has a frequent tendency to crash. Apparently slower running will also form a part of this trend as 59 per cent of the folks said they would uninstall the app if it was intolerantly slow.

It simply bombards me with ads

This is the case of free apps. Their primary source of revenue is in-app advertising and hence they have no choice but to direct advertisements straight into the app’s core usage area which will scare away a good majority of users.

I got a better app with more features

Most developers prefer to develop and app and leave it as it is for eternity with no regular updates. Your competition is going to surely find a way to offer more for the concept you envisaged and hence when users see updated apps offering better features, they will certainly leave yours.

Well we hope that developers had a good time reading this blog and probably you should be thinking about the facts which we uncovered. Keep checking back here for more of such amazing tips.