Today's mantra is to go responsive or go bust !

With all due respect, web domains such as are pretty much an outdated concept. No longer does the internet community accept separate websites as a standard procedure for making your web content mobile friendly. The best practice that is in acceptance today is responsive design.

There's no need for some extra notes to describe what exactly responsive web design is but still here's a small intro for you.

Responsive web design is not a new technological platform for creating websites but it is rather a new age web design philosophy which focuses on designing a single website to cater to all kinds of devices that are used to access the internet. In simple terms, a single website can be viewed in its best resolution in all devices such as Desktops, Notebooks, Tablet PC's, Smartphones, etc.

So why do you need a responsive design for your website?

Here are 5 great reasons that could make you think twice before asking that question:

1. Have a look at the number of devices

The number of mobile devices has far outnumbered that of PC's today and by 2014 it is estimated that internet usage on mobile will exceed the level of internet usage on Desktop. So more of your potential readers will view your website in their handheld devices rather than a PC and you definitely do not want to scare them off.

2. Handle all your content just once

If you have multiple websites for multiple devices, then there needs to be multiple content management strategies, multiple SEO strategies, multiple content marketing strategies, etc to be in place to get multiple content streams to their intended reach. With a single responsive design, you only need to optimize your content once. The rest just fits in automatically.

3. Reduces Design and Code overhead

One website is hard enough to code to user expectations, just think about the case of 2. Though the same website, coding separately for 2 different devices takes a toll on the design as well as coding complexities and hence increases overhead massively.

4. Look at what people say

In a recent survey report by Margin Media, nearly 48 % of surveyed folks responded that not having a responsive mobile website was equivalent to having a We don't care about customers! attitude from the side of the business.

5. Competition might already be thriving

Nearly 62 % of a businesses surveyed recently reported that they have increased sales thanks to a mobile friendly responsive web design implementation.

So when all these facts point to the necessity of having a responsive design in your website, do you still want to ask that question? We guess not! Keep following us here for more of such updates.