Cloud based app development is the new age norm

When cloud computing is fast pacing out traditional software development environments globally, it is obvious that the world of mobile app development will soon embrace the same culture. And it has very well done the same pretty fast as compared to the adaptation of cloud based software development.

Today thousands of mobile app developers across the globe have turned into cloud based mobile application development because such a strategy offers immense benefits. If you are unaware of the benefits that app development on the cloud has to offer, don’t worry as we have got it all covered just for you right here.

High reliability and efficiency

Supporting multiple clients simultaneously with the highest level of service delivery quality is what cloud computing sees as a trademark to its achievements. Being highly robust, a cloud app development environment helps to mitigate operational risks like resource management, task allocation, security management, maintaining the integrity of data, etc with ease.


The biggest problem with fixed app development environment is resource scalability. This is never an issue with mobile app development using cloud.  A cloud based architecture is capable of dynamically increasing resources as demand rises dynamically. In fact developers get all the resources they need without even having to look into how it actually got there. Scalability reduces or avoids app development glitches owing to lack of flexible resources.

Pay only for what you use

Unlike legacy app development infrastructure, enterprises or individual mobile app developers have the option to buy only the necessary resources they actually need. Cloud offer Platform as a Service to facilitate optimal utilization of needed resources only. Avoiding wastage of resources plays an important role in cost reduction.


With high end infrastructure available on demand, performance in one parameter that you get to improve big time and avoiding delays owing to performance glitches will certainly reflect on the quality of the product delivered.

Collaborative development made easy

Another sound feature of cloud based development of apps is the ability to share workload and work collaboratively on the same app or project. Engineers can work on the same product from anywhere across the planet from their preferred hardware which inspires flexibility in work culture. Monitoring, tracking, reporting and evaluation are also quite easy with dedicated cloud based tools available for the same.

In all mobile app development on the cloud is no different from that of cloud based software development of PC’s in terms of benefits enjoyed. Hope you had a good read folks. Keep checking out our BrandMedia blog for more such exciting trends.