Web Copy forms an integral part of all websites. Although an interesting picture or video may grab the attention of a potential client, their interest will soon wane if there is nothing else to keep their attention. Web copywriters strive to do exactly that. They create compelling headlines and articles that draw people to your website and keep them intrigued.

When writing articles, any web content writer worth his salt will:

Write web copy for humans. Although Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the main goals in creating copy for websites, the articles are not going to be read by a computer. If the reader struggles to make sense of the article, he or she will soon move on and forget about it.
Write web copy with value. Content is king. If an article has no information relevant to what a reader is looking for, there is no point to continue reading it.

Write web copy unique to your site. Plagiarism is such an ugly word. Even if you have permission to do so, simply copying text from another site is simply no good. People appreciate reading something new, and will come back to your site if you continually supply them with fresh and relevant articles.
Ultimately, the goal of web copywriting is to increase traffic to your website, but also to increase the quality of traffic. Having thousands of people visit your site, but move to a competitor’s site within seconds simply because they have a better quality of web content, is pointless. Although it is of utmost importance, copywriting for your website alone is not enough. To improve your website’s traffic, you need a copywriter who actively engages in social media such as:

  • Blogging
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter

Although this is just a small sample of the hundreds of social sites out there, it is here where people will likely come into initial contact with your brand, and your worth as a company will immediately be determined by the quality of the copy in these sites. Many companies underestimate the value of social media, and as a result put little or no effort into creating web content for this media. To be effective in this area, I offer a few basic guidelines.

Make sure that your web content is written for your target market

It is impossible to create successful web copy if it is not attuned to your target audience. If your product is aimed at teenagers, it should be written in a way with which they can identify – with it, informal and humorous. If it is aimed at business professionals, it should be clear and to the point, illustrating the benefits that your company offers them.

Start with a gripping headline

A headline is what initially grabs readers attention and prompts them to read an article. It is important to create a headline that will not simply be skimmed over.

Keep your copy clean and focused

No one likes to have their time wasted. If your web content is full of unnecessary waffling, readers will get bored and stop reading before you have successfully made your point. Web traffic is a fickle mistress, who will abandon you in the blink of an eye. If potential clients do not see what they want within a few seconds, chances are that they will look elsewhere.

These are just a few reasons why it is extremely important for you to have a professional copywriter create quality web copy for your site. Attracting potential clients to your site is that vital first step, but it is even more important that they stay long enough for you to make your point.

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